" we know what Nadine Dorries thinks an algorithm is?"
The ex-prime minister ridiculed Boris Johnson’s claims to be “levelling up” the north and south of England.
To be failed and abandoned time and time again, at first by an algorithm, then by institutions is draining and hurtful, writes student Kimi Chaddah.
The government is using a "poorly designed" system which “threatens the rights of people most at risk of poverty", claims Human Rights Watch.
We must stop thinking that algorithms can do things better than humans, Women in AI founder Ivana Bartoletti writes.
Former Ofsted chief Michael Wilshaw is the latest to heap pressure on the education secretary.
Campaigners argued the computer algorithm had become automated "speedy boarding for white people".
50 years ago, we saw what humanity was capable of. And we can do that again, but before we do, we need to ensure AI is for the good of society, Ivana Bartoletti writes.
What we need to see are technologies that model automated decision-making on the human expertise