Alison Thewliss

'The Prime Minister needs to recognise that these Home Office policies are not fit for purpose.'
The benefit cap places the burden of the UK government's failed economic strategy on the shoulders of the most disadvantaged in society. The Tories would do well to heed the result of the election and accept they have no mandate for their callous cuts... They must halt this counterproductive agenda of austerity immediately, listen to the voices of those being impacted by it, listen to the voices of experts, and stimulate the economy with the investment necessary to allow for opportunity, fairness and prosperity to flourish.
The bill is NOT about restricting formula sales, but instead providing parents who use formula with better information about its content. If parents wish to buy a car they can refer to independent comparisons of products on the market but the same information does not exist for feeding their babies
The people of Yemen need both peace and emergency assistance. The DEC is calling for all parties to respect international humanitarian law. Civilians should be protected and full humanitarian access and movement must be allowed. Families must be free to leave for safer regions and to be protected in their movements.
Rape is a very serious crime, but yet one of the most under-reported and under-convicted crimes there is. It exists in abusive relationships, it exists in marriage. For many women, is traumatic beyond description, and it is shameful. How vile that this government would consider putting a woman, who may already feel extremely vulnerable, in the position where she had to confess to a government official that her child had been born as a result of rape. I very much hope that the government has realised the mess it has gotten itself into, and I want them to scrap the two-child policy.