American Football

"Your favourite white boy was drafted second. I like players who were drafted first."
After years of her phone buzzing in the middle of the night, Dee Ford from Kent decided to find out more about her gridiron namesake, and is now his biggest fan
He walked the length of an American football pitch, despite losing use of his legs in snowmobile accident.
'You're the last person in the world who should use this quote.'
Some football players are kneeling before their preseason games - despite plans to crackdown on their protest by the NFL.
One of the more fun types of play you'll see during any NFL game, is the play-action pass. It is an elaborate fake, involving the QB pretending to hand the ball to the running back while actually concealing the fact they have kept the ball and intend to throw it downfield for a touchdown. When it's done well it's deadly, making the defender think one thing is going on, when they should be worried about something else entirely.
What this deal really shows is how well American football is complimented by social media. With a typical game clocking in at roughly three hours from start to finish, Twitter is a natural fit - allowing fans to stray on and off the platform without missing any of the action.
George Osborne may have looked awkward turning his hand to American football on Friday, but the chancellor boasts some impressive
Warning: this clip of an American footballer outshining the cheerleaders is the most feel-good video of all time. Arizona