Amjad Bashir

North East Leeds candidate referred to 'brainwashed extremists' in the European Parliament when he represented Ukip.
Since I started writing about politics, a few people have asked me whether I'd ever consider standing as an MP myself. The answer is a very definite no. And actually, it's nothing to do with the money. I'd almost certainly be a terrible politician, and here are five of the many reasons why...
Ukip have branded Tory chairman Grant Shapps "delusional" for ruling out any possibility of the Tories doing any "pacts and
Tory chairman Grant Shapps seemed to suggest he both supported the minimum wage and wanted it scrapped, after being asked
Bashir has insisted that allegations levied against him are "nonsense", adding: "They [Ukip] don't want my defection to be
The communities spokesman for Ukip has defected to the conservative Party. Amjad Bashir, who represents Yorkshire and the
A man of Asian descent who is now a Ukip MEP has said he is proof the party is not racist. Amjad Bashir, who is of Pakistani
A week after Ukip’s rising youth star quit the party, accusing the leader of racism as a departing shot, Nigel Farage’s clan