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Former Labour minister's plea for Tony Blair's return gets the full Twitter treatment.
'Siri, give me the worst possible take on UK broadcasting.'
Paying a vice chancellor more than £800,000 is “a sick joke” that damages public confidence in tuition fees, a former education
Lord Adonis challenged a university vice chancellor to halve his £295,000 salary so students could be offered cheaper fees
Former education minister Lord Andrew Adonis has launched a scathing attack on university bosses over their “greed”, claiming
A whopping 62% of young voters voted for Corbyn and his party, with a 35% lean towards Labour among this age group compared
The rationale for the Conservative Government continuing to push through HS2, the proposed high speed rail link, can easily
Two former Labour ministers have accused Ed Miliband of giving the Tories a "needless advantage" by not doing enough to defend
Ed Miliband is "kicking into the long grass" the question of whether only English MPs should be able to vote on English laws
Labour politicians have been angling to be the party's candidate for London Mayor now Boris Johnson is nearing the end of