andy warhol

It was a "healthy" night of sales at Sotheby's yesterday evening as a contemporary art auction brought in more than £74 million
The glam era of the mid-1970s is the subject of a new exhibition at Tate Liverpool. Featuring work by David Hockney, Andy
If I'm going to keep a diary then I first better make sure I have a life to write about, but then if I'm living such an eventful, fulfilling life, how the hell am I going to find the time to write about it?
Leee Black Childers, a photographer who captured the rock 'n' roll antics of the 60s and 70s, is releasing previously unseen
As the Diamond Jubilee year comes to an end, you could be forgiven for feeling a little 'Queen fatigue'. We've had an endless
An art exhibition about male nudes has proven a sell-out success at a gallery in Austria - despite causing outrage before
Little is known about the Queen's taste in art, but few would have bet on her being a fan of Andy Warhol. Yet the Royal Collection
While artistically Andy Warhol may not be regarded as having the technical prowess of Rembrandt, the abstract beauty of Dali or the form of Caravaggio, no other artist has managed to predict the zeitgeist of their descendants so perfectly.
Today is Andy Warhol's birthday. Andy Warhol, responsible for so many things: that infamous Marilyn painting, making Campbell's
When Norma Jean met Bruno Bernard as she left the dentist's in 1946, little did she know she was taking the first step towards