Confections, a shop in Texas, rolled in the dough after haters showed their poor taste.
Donald Trump's nominee to be a federal judge in Texas thinks transgender children are evidence of “Satan’s plan.”
A conference, that was held at the Quaker's Friends House, London, featured American anti-gay cleric Sheikh Yasir Qadhi along with other extreme Wahhabi clerics who are accused of practicing hate.
How is Westminster University supposed to create a safe space for LGBT students when they are fighting against their own Student Union?
The tragedy I see in my work is that so many of these people live in fear and anguish, rejected and vilified. In many countries there is a rising tide of hatred being fed by lies and fear, ignorance and increasing violence.
Jesus of Nazareth (or at least a man dressed as such) unexpectedly appeared on Sunday to take part in LA's annual Aids Walk
Russia's seeming benevolence towards a man hunted for speaking a truth he felt the world should know, stands in sharp contrast to how it deals with its own citizens who dare to raise their voices. The irony of the Kremlin's tacit acknowledgement that those who speak out on matters of serious public interest deserve protection will not go unnoticed by Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova. It will not be overlooked by scores of people across Russia who find their ability to speak increasingly restricted since Vladimir Putin's return to the presidency.
A Christian who was demoted after posting his opposition to gay marriages on Facebook has taken his employer to court. Adrian
The website of the Moscow court that convicted members of punk band Pussy Riot for singing an anti-Putin song in a cathedral