Anti-social behaviour

That an old person is too frightened to collect their pension or that a child has to pass active drug dealers on the way to primary school is not recorded in the figures and the politicians and senior police officers don't know or care about it. The more police withdraw from neighbourhoods - especially the most vulnerable ones - the more they are failing in their most basic of duties - to make communities safer.
Parents using smacking as a form of discipline could be affecting their child's mental health, a psychiatrist has claimed
On my commute to work this morning I overheard the start of a friendly debate between a young woman in her early 20's and an older man in his late 60's. They were talking about technology, and he asked her if she truly thought it had made our world a better place.
Kids are bored. Drinking is cheap. Cheaper than anything else on offer around them leisure-wise by far. And it's sad. Because it wouldn't cost the earth. If kids want to knock about a coffee shop of an evening in London then they can. Because they are open past six o'clock. Why can't we do that for our young people in the North East?
Women in the sex trade who are injecting drug users are the worst hit by their sex purchase ban. No harm reduction (condoms, lubrication etc.) for sex workers or drug users (needle exchanges) is provided in Sweden as it is erroneously believed to encourage sex work and drug use...
Try shouting out in support of your team in the wrong end of a stadium, in the section dominated by fans of the opposition, and you run the risk of being threatened. It's likely you'll be marched out of the ground by stewards. It could even be worse.
The Conservatives, facing up to the toxicity of their brand, have been trying to convince the electorate that they care about "ordinary families". Imagine, then, my surprise when last December the Government opposed an amendment I had tabled to the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill.