'The Nazi regime and apartheid are concrete forms of the abhorrent totalitarian ideologies of the first half of the 20th century.'
'People who value their own freedom must, in other words, equivalently value the freedom of others.'
'I, and countless others, have his generosity to thank for our journeys through photography and much, much more.'
The Cradock Four disappeared on June 27, 1985. They were never seen from again.
The comic, who says he was 'always in trouble' as a kid, finds it ironic – but beautiful – that his autobiography will now be read in Newark, New Jersey classrooms.
'We aren’t where we should be, but we’re much closer than we were a year ago. And certainly much better off than in 1976.'
'If history is taught correctly, the report argues, school-leavers should become capable of dealing with educational, social and political problems.'
One of the last two surviving Rivonia trialists, Andrew Mlangeni was described as a 'giant of the revolution'.
Floyd Shivambu has tried to paint Treasury deputy director-general Ismail Momoniat as a corrupt person who undermines black people, but history tells a different story.
South African musician Philip Tabane, who died on May 18 2018, hated being labelled.