As the digital health sector continues to evolve, a new category of tools and digital services called ‘Digital Therapeutics
Today's children are growing up with anxieties and worries that we won't fully understand. Yes we were children once, but as we fondly tell others, we didn't have the Internet or apps "in our day". Today's digitalisation is having a profound effect on children's lives and futures - both good and bad.
Turn your mobile phone into your personal trainer.
Exercising is hard. Motivating yourself to go on that run or get to the gym - and leaving behind the comfort of your sofa
In response to the (inevitable) backlash, CEO Yaroslav Goncharov told The Verge: “They don’t have any positive or negative
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We’re officially a nation of cyclists. And we’re not just talking about swelling with national pride at all of the medals
Stealth sweeper says he'll use 40 000 photos for female and male facial recognition training for artificial intelligence.
These results seem to indicate that the idea of professional, one-on-one styling is all but dead. While it might have been an innovative and exciting concept when it was first introduced, the expectations and needs of consumers have evolved in accordance with the digital age we live in and traditional personal shopping has simply failed to keep up with the times.