A new interim board at Denel has instilled optimism in those employed by the troubled arms manufacturer.
Let's learn a few lessons from the mistakes of recent years. Let's value community policing and the police staff who do the vital backroom work. Let's focus the existing resources of our security services on chasing terrorists, rather than harassing environmental campaigners and Green politicians. Let us look at how our foreign policy connects with our domestic security.
Her British husband says she is being used as a 'bargaining chip.'
The husband of a jailed British-Iranian woman has claimed she is being held because of an outstanding arms debt between the
The controversial relationship between the West and Saudi Arabia has been under increased scrutiny in recent months, with
It is not just France's credibility that's at stake over the way it has handled a sale of two Mistral class assault ships to Russia, but the credibility of the whole EU Common Position on arms transfers.
The British Government has been accused of double standards over arms sales to Russia, after it emerged the UK is continuing
If we are to be judged by the company we keep then Prince Charles has a lot of explaining to do. This week the future king has been strutting his stuff on the international stage, with highly publicised visits to dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Bahrain.
As the Syrian conflict rages on the European Union took the significant decision in recent weeks to lift the arms embargo on the beleaguered country, paving the way for the Governments of major European countries to send weapons to rebel forces (a.k.a. the Free Syrian Army) fighting against the Assad regime.
It's quiz time. Who said this? "We need our nuclear deterrent as much today as we did when a previous British government embarked on it over six decades ago ... The nuclear threat has not gone away."