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AC’s ANGLOPHOBIA The Milanese side have been eliminated at the last 16 stage of the Champions League in the three recent
The first time I met Dennis Bergkamp he was heading the other way. Forced to retire with a knee injury in the summer of 1995
Over the past ten days, England have beaten the reigning world champions for the first time in over thirty years. Three days later, they beat Sweden for the first time in colour. Two momentous results - the national team on the up again. Hip hip and tally ho. Yet the two big football stories of the week were about poppies and racism.
Whatever anyone says or thinks about the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, his underachieving side rarely fail to entertain. Always easy on the eye, they have been the unofficial '2nd club' of many fans of the beautiful game for the majority of his tenure...
Arsenal were left in turmoil last month as club Captain and star Forward Robin Van Persie stated he was in no rush to sign
Surely failure wouldn't be tolerated here - even by Wenger. And maybe, just maybe, Silent Stan might finally speak up then.
Arsenal Football Club has decided to give free tickets to its fans who sat through a humiliating 8 - 2 game at the hands
Fairly confusing, this rebel business. In one place, you're the darling of the free world. In another, you're feral scum, symbolising everything that's wrong with British youth. One man's rebel is another man's pain in the arse. Murky waters indeed.
Sport is not just a game. It can inspire hope from despair, as we have seen attempts at in Sri Lanka in recent years. It can make a lucky cadre of talented individuals very, very wealthy indeed.
Success in football often comes with continuity and top British players stay at top Premiership clubs much longer than their foreign counterparts giving managers more time to create successful teams.