The bloc drew widespread condemnation for its plan to override part of the Brexit deal as part of its export controls on coronavirus vaccines.
Embarrassment as European Commission says Article 16 is "unaffected" after widespread condemnation.
The manufacturer and PHE say there is strong data to reflect success in vaccinating older people.
Europe and Britain have turned on each other as the row over AstraZeneca's supply problem escalates.
Drugmaker says UK insisted "you supply us first" amid anger over slow roll-out in EU.
A bust-up between the European Union and the pharma giant has led to supply worries.
One in eight adults aged 16-29 reported vaccine hesitancy in the latest data period, ONS has revealed.
Up to 2,000 “irreplaceable” and “highly trained” staff will be vaccinated to ensure supply continues.
Trials are underway to explore whether vaccines can be mixed. Here's what you need to know.
The government issued guidance on New Year's Eve saying it was "reasonable" for two different vaccines to be given to the same patient if one type was unavailable.