Audrey Hepburn

A new 'crop' of Hollywood's leading ladies are stepping out with ultra-short hair. Some, like Harry Potter star, Emma Watson have used a dramatic change to mark the end of an era, while others, like actress, Carey Mulligan have chosen a soft, short cut to perfectly compliment delicate features.
As I walk through the doors I almost feel like I'm stepping in to a fabulous fifties film set. Bellboys efficiently buzzing to guests' whims, florists preening fresh fragrant lilies and bartenders shaking up Martinis. It's opulence at its best, the atmosphere is enthralling.
They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can, apparently judge a woman by her eyebrows. For the shape of those
The world needs strong women who make no apologies for who they are and for what they believe. Nora Ephron is up there as a forthright woman, dedicated to making a difference and staying true to her beliefs.
This week sees the opening of a new exhibition of previously unseen work by legendary British photographer Terry O’Neill
I really wanted to like Secret People more than I did. Made within a year of The Gentle Gunman (1952), another Ealing project around terrorism (although about the IRA rather than the unidentified and Europe-wide 'Organisation' at the heart of this film), Secret People is obviously trying to do something different with its story, but I'm uncertain it succeeds or is as morally ambiguous as it claims to be.
We've rounded up a selection of funny words of wisdom by women.
Dresses belonging to Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Amy Winehouse will join a pair of duplicate shoes made for Princess Diana's
Marie Claire's online magazine has a gallery of The Ten Best Oscar Dresses of All Time, but I think they should rename the
As well as being one of the world's most stylish actresses, Audrey Hepburn was nothing short of beautiful. After starring