Baked beans

Good thing there's nothing more important to be talking about right now.
I'm feeling rather bitter this month. Not because I've just turned 31. Not because Leonardo DiCaprio has suddenly got him self engaged, (don't worry ladies, he hasn't really) and not because someone put a baked bean on my pillow as a nasty surprise (Baked beans are the food of the devil).
Forget coal fired power stations and car exhaust fumes. One member of the House of Lords is more concerned about the impact
A lorry carrying tins of baked beans has crashed and shed its load across a motorway. Drivers in Merseyside were being urged
Billionaire investor Warren Buffet is to buy Heinz, the food company renowned for its ketchup and baked beans. Buffett, one
Traffic was brought to a halt on a busy motorway after a lorry full of beans shed its load over the road. The driver of the
Canned products such as soup and baked beans could contain 1,000 times more of a “gender bending” chemical than fresh goods