We're not going anywhere for a while, but the BBC crime drama is pure escapism.
Celebrations come amid Australia wildfires and Hong Kong protests.
A Buddhist temple in Thailand has installed a gold-painted statue of footballer David Beckham. The statue, built in a traditional garuda style holding up the altar, features Beckham's trademark floppy hairstyle from his early years and his team jersey. It has been luring tourists to the temple since it was unveiled.
Schools had to close in Bangkok this week as air pollution reached hazardous levels. Thai authorities launched five water-spraying drones over the city in the hope that they could take some of the dust particles out of the air. Critics say the drones are a PR stunt and that the authorities need to take stronger action in getting air quality back to safe levels. Bangkok is currently the fifth most polluted city in the world.
Hundreds of couples gathered in Bangkok city on 24 November to race in the annual 'Running of the Brides'. The couples compete for a grand prize of a fully-sponsored lavish wedding and honeymoon worth two million baht (£47,000 approx).