A number of profile partners and sponsors including Barclays and KMPG have distanced themselves from the project.
The Duke of York is the patron of 20 groups that work with children and young people.
Charlotte Smith had just £400 in her account when the entire amount was debited.
Laurence Vonderdell, 50, to serve 14 months in prison.
How many 'daily treats' do you need to give up for that deposit?
"We are disappointed by, but fully accept, the decision," said KPMG.
The Competition Tribunal says more banks have been added in its investigation into forex price fixing.
The introduction of practical, technical is the biggest shake-up of further education in 70 years
What will Britain look like in 20 years time? Today the government launched a new Industrial Strategy that paints a future
Banks must move away from fossil fuels to meet climate goals.
Barclays Bank came from Quaker and non-conformist companies in England that were famed for their ethics. Even so, the charges
The Serious Fraud Office investigation into Barclays has rumbled on for some years, and it has now finally been announced
The sale is an "historic moment" for banking on the continent, said Barclays Africa boss Maria Ramos.
Barclays is struggling to find a strategic buyer for its shares in Africa
For any company developing mobile and online offerings (which is nearly all of them) it is this approach that they should follow. View competition as defined not just within your industry but also from everyone. Focus on people and benefits, not features and functions. And above all, think through the ecosystem in which your users live in and plan accordingly.
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Banks have dined out for centuries on being that reliable secure connection for our money, take that away from them and make it an instant automated process and, at least in theory, you're taking away their reason to exist.
Bank with Barclays? Well the wait is finally over, Apple Pay is here. OK so it's a massive nine months after every other