Ben Bradshaw

Labour rebels defy Keir Starmer's orders to vote for PM's trade agreement with the EU.
"It really is one rule for the rich and one rule for everyone else with this government," one Labour MP said.
Figures show the number of hospitalised Covid-19 patients in the South West has steadily risen over the past few weeks.
Programme chief reveals it will be several weeks before local action plans in place.
We’re calling for Proportional Representation, so that seats actually match votes and everyone has a vote that matters equally
He said Home Office is 'very sympathetic' to the post-Brexit needs of the NHS.
The UK government will co-operate with a high-profile probe into Russian interference in the American Presidential election
Whatever the Government does or doesn't do, those of us asking questions are not going away. This is about the security and integrity of our democracy and the biggest and most fateful decision in modern British history, with repercussions for decades to come