Ben Fogle

At the moment there is limited choice for those who choose plastic-free shopping. Instead we are left with no choice but to purchase our goods encased by copious, and often needless, amounts of plastic.
Wildlife presenter Ben Fogle has warned it is time to “look very closely” at how zoos look after animals after two lynx from
Wildlife presenter Ben Fogle has joined a host of prominent opponents to speak out against Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke’s TV
Shooting animals for the entertainment of others crosses the line. Many of our North American neighbours have a very different approach to shooting and hunting. Blood thirsty and gun happy, they have a rather mercenary relationship with wildlife. Television has the power to glamourise its subjects. Young impressionable people will be motivated by the sight of majestic animals being killed. They will be 'radicalised' into hunting. Stan Kroenke, as the majority shareholder of Arsenal and the owner of MOTV, has a responsibility. He may relish the murder of endangered wildlife himself but he should not peddle his disgusting programmes on a country that still prides itself as a nation of animal lovers.
BEN FOGLE, 41 Adventurer, writer and broadcaster, husband to Marina and father to Iona, 4, and Ludo, 5 What does a healthy
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Ben Fogle and his wife Marina have been left “devastated” after their baby was stillborn. The couple’s spokeswoman has made