Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Iran of attacking Israeli embassies in India and Georgia. Earlier this month
2011 was the most tumultuous year in the Middle East in recent memory. Long-held assumptions about the entire region were turned on their heads, with dictators falling, societies rising up, and diplomats, experts and statesmen scrambling to make sense of a new reality that is still shrouded in uncertainty.
Nick Clegg has accused Israel of damaging the peace process, calling the country's expansion of settlements in Palestinian
I read with interest Dr. Joseph Olmert's article Something Is Happening in Jordan. The excellent article raised a number of contentious points and I am not going in this piece to analyse every point but would like to clarify a number of issues which Dr. Olmert touched on in his article.
The New Year is no time for cynicism. It is a time for thinking creatively about how to helping to bring the parties together in direct negotiations and for sustaining the regional environment that can help keep them there.
In order to break out of the death spiral both populations are in, the international community needs to make both of them lose, in order to free them from a contest neither can win.
A ministerial committee in Israel has moved to curb the funding of non-governmental organisations (NGO), including human
Dear Sarko and Barack, I know you're both having a bad day, what with people talking about how you badmouthed a fellow world leader when you thought your microphones were off and all, but I wanted to tell you that last week, on a train, I spoke to my boyfriend about someone I know. And I wasn't very nice.
The publication of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report detailing Iran's efforts to build a nuclear weapon
Iran has carried out tests specific to "the development of a nuclear device", the UN's atomic watchdog has reported. The