Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out any general ceasefire without the release of all the hostages.
“It’s clear we are heading towards friction with the Americans about the offensive," Ehud Barak told Politico.
The South Carolina senator's claim flies in the face of Trump's own words.
The head of the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees has been pushing for an "immediate" suspension of hostilities.
Asked what made him confident in his assessment that Israel wasn’t responsible for the blast, Biden cited “the data I was shown by my Defence Department.”
The former president admitted he could have been dishing classified information at a campaign event with a claim about the Israeli leader.
The billionaire told Israel’s prime minister the plan would cut down on bots spreading hateful content.
Police clashed with demonstrators after parliament announced a new controversial law.
The divisive reforms have been delayed – for now.
Jane Aitchison's painful interview with BBC’s Emma Barnett includes a 12-second pause.