Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is brushing off growing calls to halt the military offensive in Gaza and vowing to “finish the job."
The president spewed an obscenity-laced description of the Israeli prime minister, Politico wrote. The White House denies it.
That's not what Israel's allies, the US and the UK, were hoping for.
As the prime minister spoke, the families held up photos of captives who have yet to return from Gaza and chanted for them to be released “now.”
The group of lawmakers who are focused on national security and concerned about the US-backed Israeli operation in Gaza includes several military veterans.
The declaration puts Israel’s prime minister at odds with US President Joe Biden’s stated goals for the region.
The billionaire will meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog as part of his trip.
The Israeli prime minister also called the UN's accusation of war crimes "hogwash," despite now killing more than 11,000 Palestinians in Gaza.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out any general ceasefire without the release of all the hostages.
“It’s clear we are heading towards friction with the Americans about the offensive," Ehud Barak told Politico.