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The Israeli prime minister and six other government officials could face arrest should they enter Spain, after a judge from
Israel's Prime Minister has been criticised for his "opportunism" and trying to "cash in" on the Paris attacks by drawing
Angela Merkel has been forced to clarify that Germany was responsible for the Holocaust, after the Israeli Prime Minister
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been accused of "trivialising the Holocaust" by saying Hitler only wanted to
Tony Blair resigned as Middle East peace envoy yesterday. It was a perfectly timed resignation - just after the Queen's speech at the state opening of parliament when all the political writers were busy writing about the Tories' plans for government for the next five years.
Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has urged singer Robbie Williams not to perform a scheduled concert in Israel next month
It's a deal. Or, to be strictly accurate, it's a framework deal, which means that Iran and the six major powers with whom it's been negotiating over its nuclear research programme still have a few i's to dot and t's to cross. Even so, it's definitely worth celebrating. Not so long ago, there was a distinct possibility that Israel, with or without tacit US approval, might launch air strikes against Iran, with incalculable consequences for the region.
President Obama has said Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's comments about Arabs could threaten to "erode the meaning
The desperate measures that Mr Netanyahu went to to achieve his election victory this week were a shock even to jaded old Middle East observers like me. By re-electing him as prime minister at the head of a right-wing coalition, Israeli voters look more than ever as if they have chosen to model themselves on the English football club Millwall, whose supporters' best known chant at matches is "No one likes us, we don't care."
By re-electing Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli public has rejected the two-state solution.