On February 7th, Bermuda became the first jurisdiction in the world to repeal same-sex marriage rights
In this connected world a single action in one country can lead to a landslide in others
Foreign secretary decided not to overrule government of British overseas territory.
To avoid paying your tax is to shirk your responsibilities as a citizen and to deprive the country of vital assets that can help improve the life chances of those within it. Taxation helps to bind people through a shared sense of purpose and commonality.
These latest leaks make one thing clear. The era of secrecy is over. Transparency is the way forward. It's a matter of when not if. More leaks are coming. It time for the UK to get ahead of the curve once more, and to stop wringing its hands and crying crocodile tears. Please join me in calling for action.
Tax campaigners turned London's Trafalgar Square into a tax haven in May 2016 On Wednesday the leaders of UK-linked tax havens
Gibraltar wants to remain in the European Union even if the United Kingdom voted to leave. Gibraltar can please itself. Nowhere
British colonial gem of the North Atlantic, Bermuda is an island idyll of blushing beaches and crystal clear, cerulean blue waters. Surrounded by the sounds of the ocean and with an economy that was historically built upon a mastering of the waves, Bermuda lives and breathes for the waters that lap upon its sandy shores.
Following widespread condemnation of the 'sweetheart' deal agreed between Google and HMRC recently, George Osborne would have been hoping the week would end on a rather lighter note. Unfortunately, for him and his party, it seems the corporation tax scandal is one set to remain in the spotlight for the foreseeable future.