bernard jenkin

The partygate report said Johnson made “repeated contempts” of parliament with his denials that merited a 90-day suspension.
Bernard Jenkin sits on the privileges committee which investigated Johnson over whether he misled parliament
Bernard Jenkin told the former prime minister he was repeating himself during the privileges committee hearing.
The privileges committee is grilling the former prime minister over claims he misled MPs.
One Conservative MP said: “It is clear from Lord McDonald’s letter today that Number 10 have not been honest in what they have said."
"The public is very sick of being taken for fools."
Bernard Jenkin tells prime minister to ditch "hangers on" in his top team.
Senior Tory Bernard Jenkin says executive chair "should be given a well-earned break”.
Boris Johnson ally Bernard Jenkin says public has lost confidence in the service.
There are major concerns about public compliance with the Test and Trace system.