Bernie Sanders

The 38-year-old came into the US elections largely as a political unknown, but he’s been a surprising candidate in the 2020 race.
Former vice president Joe Biden is in a surprising fourth place after limited results released.
Ally of Jeremy Corbyn says he wants to help a Bernie Sanders presidency in the US.
Clinton declined to say whether she would endorse Sanders if he becomes the 2020 nominee, in an interview promoting her new Hulu documentary.
CNN released the audio of both 2020 presidential candidates saying the other called them a "liar" on national television.
Sanders denied the 2018 exchange, which was first reported by CNN.
The New York Times reports the video shows a fake Trump attacking versions of PBS and HuffPost, as well as a fake Sen. Bernie Sanders.
President Donald Trump ranted for nearly 90 minutes in Wisconsin on the same night as the White House Correspondents Dinner.
Former VP becomes 20th Democratic candidate to join the race to take on Donald Trump.
Thousands of protestors have been involved in planning the week's disruption in London.