Bethnal Green

Shamima Begum was only 15-years-old when she left her home in London without her family’s knowledge, and fled with two friends to join the Islamic State in Syria. Four years later, Begum is hoping to return to the UK to raise her baby, due imminently. Begum is not the only British national to have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State group. The UK government must now decide how to handle the re-integration of these people, if they are even allowed back in the country.
The suspected attack could be the latest in a spate of similar crimes taking place in the capital just a few weeks ago, prompting
The Stairway to Heaven Memorial has kept the story of the Bethnal Green tube disaster alive. Through its campaigning and fundraising, we have been made aware of the tragedy, and marked it each with the reverence it deserves. Soon, a permanent memorial will be unveiled at Bethnal Green Gardens, to remember the 173 East Enders who lost their lives on that terrible night.
An unexploded Second World War bomb has brought part of east London to a standstill, as emergency services evacuated 150
Now that he finds himself without a day job, maybe it is time for Galloway to focus his energies on what he does best. Maybe he will do a greater service to society as an activist and speaker fighting for the causes he believes in rather than a salaried MP who doesn't seem to create enough of an impact to get re-elected.
I recently had the privilege of joining a group of teenage school children at the centre. They had written and were rehearsing radio shows for live broadcast on East London Radio later this month.
Questions have been raised over how three runaway schoolgirls were able to leave the country so easily, amid fears they have
Prince Harry visited the school last year to promote an Invictus Games event for wounded warriors Walton continued: “We are
Our dialogues which both underpin and overarch our practical initiatives will include reflecting on what we might say together, and differently, about the mission of Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad...