Black British people

Following the 20th anniversary of their debut hit, we salute the Black British girl group who paved the way in the face of adversity.
As Black History Month comes to an end, we look at the lesser known political landmarks – from the first Black voter to the first Black peer.
What people like Osime Brown need is community support, not criminalisation and deportation, writes Emma Dalmayne.
We should demand better and no longer tolerate appearing on platforms where our experiences are constantly minimised, writes Leah Sinclair.
The prize will be named after the UK's first Black on-screen journalist Barbara Blake Hannah.
This week, Black Ballad is guest-editing HuffPost UK with a series by Black women on parenting, family, and our post-Covid future. In this special episode of Commons People, Arj Singh speaks with HuffPost UK's Nadine White, Black Ballad’s head of editorial, Jendella Benson and co-founder of the Five Times More campaign, Tinuke Awe to talk about the takeover and what Black Ballad's landmark motherhood survey shows about health inequality in Britain.
The government's response to calls for the mandatory teaching of colonial and Black British history in schools has been labelled "incredibly disheartening".
The people campaigning for urgent changes to the education system explain how they want to see the system transformed.