"I get to the clinic 15 minutes early as requested. I’m greeted by the receptionist — and a bunch of stares."
Paula Akpan, founder of Black Queer Travel Guide, on travelling the globe as a Black and queer person.
“A blanket approach is not acceptable any longer."
Yasmin Boaitey created Black Girl Nomads to show her love for travel and to share the unique experiences of travelling solo as a Black British woman.
Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones is fighting against the institutions and systems in Britain to make farming a more diverse industry. He hopes that more diversity with the people involved will mean more diversity in produce and results.
Hosted by Yinka Bokinni, Black health inequalities and advice to improve it are explored in this episode of ‘Black Voices HuffPost UK’. DJ, producer and actor Goldie is joined by Black Ballad head of editorial Jendella Benson.
Exclusive: Lib Dems call on ministers to take action as HuffPost UK hears stories of Black people experiencing stress and anxiety that affects school and work achievement.
I’ve been a fly on the wall when white people didn’t know anyone of colour was looking or listening.
‘Black Voices HuffPost UK’ is a conversation about race, society and change in contemporary Britain and beyond. In this episode, host Yinka Bokinni, singer/songwriter Jamelia, CBBC presenter Rhys Stephenson and Lavinya Stennett from The Black Curriculum discuss including more Black history in UK education.