A teacher has been suspended for reportedly showing pupils a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed deemed offensive.
Asia Bibi has left Pakistan for Canada after spending eight years on death row for a blasphemy conviction. Her 2010 death sentence was overturned by the Supreme Court in October 2018, sparking nationwide protest and death threats. Bibi, a Roman Catholic, was accused by Muslim villagers in Ittanwala of blasphemy following an altercation with a fellow farm worker. The Supreme Court said there was no evidence to support the accusations.
Pakistan’s Supreme Court quashed blasphemy charges against Asia Bibi, who had been charged in 2010 and sentenced to death. The ruling has sparked protests by hardline Islamists across the country.
So let's not resurrect blasphemy codes around Christianity. Let's continue to tear them down and do the same with Islam. Future generations with thank us for it, as will the millions of freedom-loving liberal Muslims around the world living under the intolerable oppression of fundamentalism.
Precisely because some of my own friends have been killed or jailed under unjust blasphemy laws, I take very seriously Voltaire's principle - I disagree with what he said, but I will defend to the death his right to say it.
In 2008, the blasphemy laws were abolished in England and Wales. They protected the tender sympathies of the Anglican God
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While we certainly cannot ignore the influence of religious fundamentalism worldwide in suppressing freedom of expression, I would submit that the future of free speech in Britain will depend rather on the willingness of those who believe in free speech to stand against criminalising offensive speech for its own sake...
The struggle I care about is to set Raif, and all those that would dare to think and speak their mind, free.