The elephant in the room, is that your home, office, and school computers are under attack right now, and attempts are being made to steal your information, then get your machine to start stealing from other people, over 85,000 times every day, 31 million times every year.
Duran Duran are to represent musical talent from England at a concert marking the start of the Olympic Games. The band will
Blur fans are in for a treat - the band is putting out 65 previously unreleased tracks as part of a huge album box set. The
Reunited British rockers Blur will bow out of the spotlight for good after their appearance at an upcoming summer concert
This June, the Funeral Suits will release their debut album 'Lily of the Valley' produced by the legendary Stephen Street
Graham Coxon has previously said that music videos are "horrible" - but this, his latest promo for his new single, What'll
Blur star Alex James has revealed the band's upcoming summer gig in London could be the "last thing" the rockers ever do
So for all the wonderful privileges that being the in-house photographer for The Fly magazine brings, the greatest challenge for me is constantly coming up with new ideas for shoots to best represent the huge array of fantastic musical artists the title constantly features.
Ticket selling site Viagogo, found itself on the defensive this morning over accusations that the company routinely rips
The Brits have all got a bit too slick now though, it's treated with a bit too much respect, if you ask me... It is but a TV show with a few awards carved up and spread around... And if I'm not very much mistaken did I detect the faint whiff of a few wrong 'uns miming? I think I did... You know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourselves.