BME people working in the UK are more than twice as likely to be on agency contracts as white workers.
This week the government published a new set of statistics on how ethnic minorities fare in Britain. Predictably, this will lead to a series of Twitter spats, and polemicists on all sides will weigh in, to say this proves what they have been arguing all along. But the value of these statistics lies far beyond what ideological debate they trigger in the commentariat.
Racial inequality permeates issues such as criminal justice, health and education.
Figures showing black men are nearly three times more likely to be arrested than white men, and black children three times
In May this year the #BlackExcellence campaign went viral, inspiring students across the country with a series of photos capturing black men enjoying life at Yale and Cambridge universities.
Former PM told him 'there can't be many of you' in his constituency.
A Tory MP has revealed an awkward conversation he had with Margaret Thatcher, in which the former PM told him “there can’t
First though, some thanks are in order to the board. It is never easy to produce a report that is critical, especially for an event that is largely staffed by volunteers. However, Pride in London is the UK's headline Pride event, and the LGBT community would be doing itself a disservice were it not to review and look to improve.
One in four black men will be diagnosed with the disease.
Stars from the worlds of sport, politics and entertainment have joined forces in a show of strength against the most common