Boris Johnson

Protecting the Olympic venues is costing taxpayers more than a quarter of a million pounds a day, as the price to the secure
Britain faces "economic stagnation" unless another major airport is built in south-east England, London Mayor Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson has put himself on a fresh collision course with David Cameron by criticising the Prime Minister's position
Businesses should be more careful about wasting food at a time when families are struggling with their finances, London Mayor
Even with the House of Commons' mini-recess, ministers and MPs still managed to cause controversy this week. Theresa May
It's cheaper to buy a round-the-world plane ticket or a two week holiday than an annual travel card in London, according
Boris Johnson has accused the chair of the UK Statistics Authority of being a "Labour stooge".
The problem with politics at the moment is people saying we can't do things. We can't hold down student fees, we can't hold down VAT, we can't keep EMA. I don't agree. More than ever we need to do things that help people ease the burden on their household expenditure and reduce the squeeze the great majority are feeling. I have been spending a day in every London borough as part of my Tell Ken tour. Across the city, what I hear most about is transport issues - and the spiralling cost of fares.
Maggie's out and has been for a long time. Leave the old Iron Lady alone.
OK, that’s it. I can take the taunts no longer. I am inventing a new diet: it’s called the Greek austerity diet. And I am