brandon lewis

There are actually 500,000 fewer people employed now than since the pandemic began.
The Today programme presenter did not let Brandon Lewis get away with comparing speeding tickets to No.10's partygate fines.
The Northern Ireland secretary insisted the PM had not knowingly lied to parliament when he said Covid rules were always followed in Downing Street.
"What part of the leader of our country did not recognise that [the party] was inappropriate?"
From the people who brought you "I was testing my eye-sight".
A Tory minister said work is being to “to ensure it doesn’t happen again”.
With the Brexit legislation row defused, will the PM focus more on the virus?
Labour attacks the "farce" of the government's changing legal opinion on the row.
Latest defence prompts ridicule from Labour and Lord Falconer says Brandon Lewis is 'being hung out to dry' for telling truth.