'Many children are suffering,' said Dilma Modesto, a Guarani health agent from Brazil. 'I want the children to be as they
People generally believe that touring's all exotic travel and flash hotels. Like a long luxury holiday with a few gigs thrown in. The reality is somewhat more grubby and demanding, which makes the days where it actually *is* like that all the more surprising.
Rihanna showed her wild side while performing last night at the world's largest musical festival Rock in Rio in Brazil. The
A British couple stranded in a remote area of the Amazon jungle after their motor home crashed into a ravine where rescued
Many people in the world have no idea about dengue fever, while others are all too aware of its dangers and maybe even live in fear of its potentially fatal consequences. Since there is no specific vaccine or treatment for dengue fever, tools for preventing and controlling outbreaks are an immediate priority.
For those of us who choose 'happy' - the split between business and the environment is no longer tenable. We need one story; one future that we all commit to together. Is it time for a "Get The Story Straight" campaign? Are you in?
A Brazilian doctor who was fed up with intruders breaking into her home decided to surround her property with needles infected
In these times of pinching pennies, monetary McCarthyism in the public sector and the savage exposure of any "drain" on public finance, it was interesting to see one rather faceless block of tax payers' money hit the stream recently, without very much of a splash.
PRESS ASSOCIATION The body of a British student who went missing in the Amazon jungle has been found. Olakunle Teniola, 20