breast milk

It's not unusual for bodybuilders to enhance their routines with supplements or some sort. But Danny Davidson, a 32-year
Some companies are pretty understanding when it comes to meeting the flexible working needs of being a new mum. But IBM has
Experts have issued a health warning surrounding the consumption of human breast milk purchased online. The breast milk, which
Jenna Kay and Elise We had an extremely tough time with my daughter when she was born, as she had severe reflux and suspected
Despite reading all the many books that well meaning friends cared to throw at me, I remained utterly oblivious to the fact that determination, desire and doggedness alone are not always enough to make breastfeeding happen.
I am talking about a minority of breastfeeding advocates here. Most of you lovely people do not do what I am about to talk about. And "lactivists" are super important. And all of you - including the ones I'm talking about here - are amazing people who are working hard for women and babies.
Feeling slightly inadequate or left out is normal. You may sense that you are missing something special, by not being able to feed the baby. You might experience a perceived (or real) loss of intimacy, as your lover's role is reframed... So, it is helpful to know there are many ways you can 'breastfeed' the baby!
Humans breastfeeding animals is becoming positively de rigueur, darlings. Just take this lady, who selflessly allowed a Labrador
A newborn monkey is being fed with human breast milk after his mother rejected him. The miniature male baby golden lion tamarin
A lollipop company selling bourbon, bacon and chocolate pops has added another avant garde flavour to its arsenal – breast