Did Steve Bannon jump or was he pushed? Bannon's opponents spoke of a firing, while his allies - and Bannon himself - said he had planned to resign for weeks. Turns out both sides were right. But that is only the start of a tale in which the final chapters are not yet written.
Donald Trump's extraordinary press conference on Thursday featured yet another sustained attack on many of the most respected
In a year dominated by the UK's vote to leave the European Union and the election of Donald Trump, there were mixed fortunes for Britain's far right. For them it was a year of further marginalisation, convictions and bans punctuated only by extreme acts of violence - such as the horrific murder of Jo Cox.
Police said claims the city was anything but quiet 'absolutely don’t correspond to reality'.
Reports of mobs of migrants being responsible for violence and arson in a German city at New Year have been slammed by police
Yes, the ideas advocated by Milo do nothing to further human welfare and prosperity, and yes, these ideas should be stamped out. But the way to stamp them out is not through forcefully banning them, but rather through confident and articulate debate, and I am confident that in a Q&A session in which Milo is faced not by young men who think he is a hero, or young women who think he is a monster, but by students who are willing to challenge the essence of his ideas; he would have been unpleasantly surprised.
'Who even knew the DoE had a counter-extremism unit?'
A row over free speech has erupted after a talk by alt-right journalist Milo Yiannopoulos at his former secondary school
'The wage gap, campus rape culture - this stuff isn’t real,' says Steve Bannon's charge and alt-right darling.
Twitter described Yiannopoulos variously as:  A gold-plated bell-end, the most obnoxious moron on the planet, ignorant and