The memorial to the slave trader was torn down and dumped in Bristol harbour during a Black Lives Matter protest six months ago.
Participants in Southampton, Bristol, Cardiff, London, Leicester, Sheffield, Manchester, Dundee and Belfast can expect to be contacted in the second half of this week.
Hundreds of people attended a march through the city centre on Saturday.
Millions of pounds have already been lost to scammers exploiting the coronavirus crisis.
The government has denied that the new sub-tier exists.
Our city has a lot of work to do to engage and represent the multicultural make-up of its people. We're starting the change from within.
An Ofcom report about public perceptions of the word in 2016 deemed it to be “highly unacceptable at all times”.
Bristol mayor says decision was not about Reid but "about taking down a statue of a London-based artist who came and put it up without permission".
Artist Marc Quinn created the sculpture of protester Jen Reid, who was photographed standing on the empty plinth after the Colston statue was toppled.
The operation was carried out in the early hours of Thursday morning.