As the 17-year-old joins Bristol's climate strike, here are some of her standout moments.
Thousands of people are expected to descend on the city centre on Friday morning.
The elusive street artist has a lot of history with the location of his latest piece.
"I feel like I don’t trust my own judgement because you have so many people with letters behind their name telling you that what you’re doing is making a fuss."
The 17-year-old victim was found injured in Mansfield Street, Bristol, on Saturday afternoon.
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Organisers of the Bristol Brick Show said they were "devastated" by the news.
She will lead a two-year research project on Bristol’s – and the university’s – relationship with the transatlantic slave trade.
Owner Laura Page is urging anyone who spots it to contact her.
Now you can find out if your baby is a boy or a girl with a full-on firework display.