British Asian

New TV ad blitz aims to dispel fears among some Asian communities that they will be charged for testing.
The East Midlands city is the site of the UK's first "local lockdown". Many believe poverty is to blame – but some have used the crisis to spread racist views.
British thirst for representation is so strong that we don’t care what it is – just what it looks like, Sharan Dhaliwal writes.
She did not have 'grounding in ministerial experience', says Blunt.
Senior Tory Crispin Blunt has said Priti Patel’s career was “accelerated” because she was an “Asian representative in the
My parents have three 'children'. That is the way they have raised us. Of course, they cherish us and appreciate us as young women. But we have not been defined by our gender. You lead by example, and my parents both of Pakistani heritage, have reiterated that they do not need a son to feel content.
London is not the racial melting pot many assume
White Britons are the least likely of all ethnic groups to socialise with other races, a new survey has revealed. The study
I'm going to say something rather revolutionary: it's an amazing thing to be a British-Asian, and in addition to be a British-Asian woman. This may be rather a different song to the one that some others are singing, but for me it carries the music of two oceans, two cultures, two worlds - clashing and colliding!
There's no such thing as the British Dream, of course. Once you've ruled the world only to lose the lot, there's not really