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The sentence echoes the case of British-Iranian mother Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who was jailed for five years in 2016 on spying charges.
The arrest comes after two other British-Iranians were detained in recent weeks.
The vision of the strong leader single-handedly forcing through their agenda is not one that impresses the next generation of global policy makers.
We live in a society where disability is still seen more frequently as a plot devise rather than simply part of the human condition (see autumn's new TV schedules with amputee Cormoran Strike in JK Rowling's Strike and acid-burned Gabriel Markham in Rellik). Where disability is most frequently acted rather than authentic (the above played by Tom Burke and Richard Dormer respectively, both non-disabled actors).
The repercussions of Brexit have been measured almost exclusively in economic and political terms. Very little has been said about the impact on the country's reputation, particularly among young people in Europe and further afield.
Next month, millions of people will go the polls to decide which political party should lead the UK.  But thousands of people
There's a well-worn phrase about London buses: none come for ages, and then several come along at once! I wouldn't say our
The arts will join education and science to discuss new partnerships and collaboration, but it is the arts that can act as a form of dialogue in themselves - a power that negotiators and governments would do well to remember and support in the years ahead.
It was a remarkable time to be in Colombia. Back in October - before the new peace deal between the government and the Farc