British Cycling

Japan is currently due to host the sporting event from July 24, but it could be pushed to the end of the year.
Make sure your bike and body are cycle fit.
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Inspired by the achievements of homegrown heroes like Bradley Wiggins, Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton, Britain has become
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We’re officially a nation of cyclists. And we’re not just talking about swelling with national pride at all of the medals
So whether it's helping the next generation become active, or helping our friends overcome their fears, give some thought to who your role models are. And don't forget to look in the mirror too - because you might just be someone else's everyday hero.
So next time you catch the new This Girl Can TV ad, or see one of the posters feel the urge to smile, laugh and feel the wind in your hair, think about cycling. It's not as difficult as you think. You're already good enough, and you can keep up - I promise! After all, if Grace can, and if I can, you can.
As Britain prepares to borrow more than £215bn in the next five years, and with the economy is flux as the consequences of the Brexit vote unfold, can UK businesses afford to raise the National Living Wage? Simple maths says that if we produce more, we sell more, and the country as a whole will make more money. Here's five reasons why, if we can figure out the productivity problem, I say yes.
Many people in this country will tell you that cycling is safe, and the statistics do back that up. You have more chance of being killed walking a mile than you do cycling a mile and there is just one fatality for the equivalent of every 1,000 times cycled around the Earth. However, what those statistics don't tell you is what cycling on our roads is actually like and whether or not the experience is an enjoyable one...
Not once. Not twice. But three times Team Sky have proved their mettle and the success of their training programme and scientific