British Empire

Removing it would be the first step to undoing the moral vanity of “Britishness”, Arianne Shahvisi writes.
"I don’t think I should apologise for what people did 300 years ago. It was a different world, a different time."
Wide-ranging “legacies of colonialism" investigation would look at the lasting impact of UK global rule overseas.
The archbishop has expressed regrets and apologies for a massacre by British colonial forces upon hundreds of Indians participating in a demonstration for independence 100 years ago. He also prostrated in prayer at the memorial for the victims.
More than 300 people were killed and 1,200 injured when troops under British command fired into a crowd of protesters in 1919.
Two million people of colour like Walter Tull fought for Britain in two world wars, often against their will. Their sacrifice deserves to be remembered with dignity, writes author Lola Jaye
This investigation is a vital opportunity to show how and why colonialism and slavery colours our nation and our institutions – something we need if we want a more tolerant, cohesive, and progressive society
Britain should now be driving reform in post-colonial states and making concrete efforts to clean up the mess it left behind
It’s really important to remember that ‘colonial’ isn’t just a historical concept referring to the bygone days of the British Empire
'Lady' Phyll Opoku-Gyimah emerging as strong contender
Brexit shows that education is important, and history - told in its accurate full - really can help in mending wayward social attitudes. We think this is our country and no-one has a right to come here because we just don't know who else fought for us.
The Indians who fought in Dunkirk deserve their own film. The soldiers caught and held by the Japanese for years under brutal torture deserve their own film. Fitting them into Nolan's Dunkirk would simply have turned them into token gestures there to appease our liberal consciences and achieve nothing more.
It was a seismic year for British politics, but none of the prominent figures involved in the successful campaign to quit
Other labelled Sraton as a “legend” and called his decision “brilliant”. Scraton joins a host of prominent people who have
Memento Park just outside Budapest is a bizarre wonderland. It's where the Hungarians deposited all its unwanted Communist
How can an event that led to the mass loss of human life, help create life elsewhere? For if it hadn't happened, I would not be here. And for students of Empire the same question is asked, if the empire hadn't happened, would we be here?
There is now a very distinct possibility that Scotland may vote on 18 September to change this partnership. I am intrigued about what further this country has in store, quite possibly as an independent nation in its own right.