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There were 4,622 “excess deaths” from heart and circulatory diseases than would normally be expected over the course of Covid-19, the British Heart Foundation said.
Nurses describe the emotional turmoil of being with Covid-19 patients as they die without their family beside them.
Grill, don't fry. Power walk to work. De-stress at the park. This is how cardiologists stay healthy.
Chest pain or discomfort, whether severe and sudden or mild and slow, "should not be ignored".
An expert explains the long list of reasons to keep your habit to a few cups per day.
A new UK study shows that the amount of coffee you drink doesn’t put you at more or less risk for heart disease or stroke. Previous studies had indicated that increased caffeine consumption could stiffen the arteries, putting pressure on the heart. But this recent study, part-funded by the British Heart Foundation, showed whether participants were no more likely to have stiffening of arteries if they had 25 cups of coffee a day than if they had one.
Some donations have even arrived folded in the Japanese organising expert's "signature style".
The changes were similar to the early stages of heart failure.
Struggling to open a jar could also be a red flag.
It would do us well to consider more what the patient is saying rather than who is saying it