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It is these industry sponsored studies that have resulted in the prescription of statins to tens of millions of healthy people worldwide driving a multi-billion dollar industry... It's instructive to note that the drug company, Pfizer's own patient leaflet states "common side-effects that may affect up to one in 10 patients include sore throat, nausea, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain."
Jeremy Hunt is either guilty of either “extreme political arrogance” or moves to “destabilise the NHS” by claiming 6,000
Labour's Heidi Alexander Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander told HuffPost UK: “These emails appear to show officials
Ahead of next month’s planned industrial action by British doctors, the British Medical Journal has published research that
WARNING: this story contains graphic images Dodgy batches of cocaine containing a medicine that causes people's skin to rot
We should stop "wasting billions" trying to cure cancer because it is "the best way to die". That is the view of a leading
Think 'science experiment' and you'll probably imagine sombre looking men and women in white lab coats peering into microscopes
How many Parliamentarians who will shortly debate the Falconer Bill on assisted suicide are people with wide enough life experience to empathise with those who see more choice as a threat and not a blessing? How many subscribers to the BMJ put themselves, day by day, into the shoes of people for whom consumer choice is someone else's luxury, even if their editor chooses to use his journalistic position to make a ruling on behalf of ethicists everywhere?
Cannabis use should be treated as a health issue and not a criminal act, leading doctors will hear. Delegates at the British