British National Party

As the far-right flotsam behind the Charlottesville protest continues to be exposed and the flaccidity of Donald Trump’s
He 'cultivated extremist' links across Europe 'which includes links to Russians'.
The founder of Britain First and a London vlogger are being credited with being “central” disseminators of “devastating anti
The episode of BBC crime drama 'Silent Night' that the English Defence League has complained about Spence adds: "It will
Those in the far-right will be waiting in the wing not only to voice their opposition but also to fill the political void if the opportunity arises. In doing so, those far-right voices will continue to exploit the view that Europe is under siege from an invading Islamic other as it has been - in their minds at least - throughout history.
The British National Party was removed from the register of political parties in Great Britain on Friday - a dent in the
With news landing today that the British National Party are no longer legally a political party, we were quite frankly surprised
The British National Party has been removed from the register of political parties in Great Britain by the Electoral Commission
The far-right British National Party has used its 2015 Christmas card to portray David Cameron as "crucifying white British
Normally we wouldn't give the British National Party (BNP) the column inches but this is too funny to ignore. The far-right