Butterfly highlights the often unseen difficulties that trans people face, from using public bathrooms to being told that they’re just going through a phase
"The medical attitude has changed, but I still can’t quite believe the level of hostility there is."
Trees are living books. Their life story is recorded in their rings, their shapes, and the marks they bear of events past. Ancient trees are often called 'living monuments', but whereas monuments are unchanging reminders of a person or event, trees bear testimony that life endures, come what may.
We want an experienced shepherd, able to move their flock of sheep to ensure that sensitive habitats get the grazing they need. Plantlife Cymru have kindly offered to purchase the farmer's new flock. The National Trust will offer the successful applicant expert conservation and farming support, as well as providing a farmhouse with picture-perfect views over the North Wales coast.
flickr | William Klos Each autumn, the gray whale migrates from its feeding grounds at the Bering in Alaska, down the western
Jessica Albarn has won numerous accolades for her art, books and films, but until her last film "The Boy In The Oak", she had never made one where she collaborated so closely with her brother - Damon Albarn.
Fluttering and clinging to trees in their millions, the spectacle of these Monarch butterflies is almost other worldly. The
Here's a joke for you: "What do you get when you put a butterfly into a otter enclosure? An utterly delightful YouTube video
Madonna ensured all eyes were on her at the premiere of W.E. at Venice Film Festival by wearing a blue and red butterfly