A recent study has discovered that two out of three Brits underestimate the calorie levels in their food, in particular 'healthy
Christmas is a time for indulgence, but sometimes, it's easy to go oerboard and gorge on the endless supply of chocolate
So while I can now openly state my favourite quote: "The diet industry is the most successful failed business in the world," in certain circles and people will readily agree, half a decade ago this was thought of as weird, especially when said to my yo-yo dieting friends who would smile blankly and tell me how many calories were in the Jaffa Cake I was eating.
If you're worried about gaining the Christmas pounds, it's not the mince pies or your grandma's calorific pudding that you
The average Brit will gain up to half a stone over the festive period, as the temptation of never-ending chocolates, mince
Do you think that opting for vegetable crisps instead of Doritos is a sensible diet choice and that dried fruits are just
Telling people to eat less and exercise more and that they just need to use more willpower doesn't work. We need more people talking about how to achieve the changes for the long term.
Brits can eat more calories per day, say government scientists. The new calorie recommendations say that men can now eat
Pizza Hut are among one of a handful of restaurants (others being McDonald's, KFC, Pret a Manger and JD Wetherspoon) signed up to a pledge to tell customers how many calories are in their meals.