Sir Cliff Richard and DJ Paul Gambaccini have launched a petition demanding anonymity for people suspected of sexual offences. The pair – both of whom were accused of sexual assault and arrested in 2013 before the cases against them were dropped – want suspects to remain nameless until they are charged with an offence. If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, it will be debated in the Commons.
You could drop in with a Christmas card, or stop for a chat, or invite them over for a mince pie
This week, the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness publishes its final report – a call to arms for action on loneliness. The
The government's mistrust of women in the UK is real and measurable. The repercussions of it weigh heavy across all of our lives. And the physical weight of it amounts to precisely one hundred and forty-three stone in paperwork every year.
Stem cell transplants offer people with blood cancer and blood disorders a second chance of life when nothing else could. For many patients, a transplant represents the gift of more years in which to get married, go to university, or to see children grow up.
everybody banner We all do it, up to eight times a day - many of us more - and yet it is still taboo to talk about our need to go to the toilet. It is a problem that we are all facing - there are not enough public toilets. However, it is a problem that the elderly, disabled, chronically ill and parents with children are facing all the more frequently - there are not enough accessible public toilets.
News on the potato-front is that Walkers Crisps are threatening us, the British public, with the discontinuation of their
everybody banner Imagine you're 28, developing your career, relationships, trying to get on the property ladder and starting to make your way in the world. Then you're diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, the most widespread disabling neurological condition for young people around the world, for which there is currently no cure. That was me in 2008.
Sometimes it is the stories you hear of people who you know the least about, who you are furthest connected to, that touch you the most deeply; suffering or tragedy of another that makes you pause momentarily- and alters your sense of perspective thereon. This handful of little stories shared by LGBT+ Jamaicans exposes their struggle to live, love and be treated equally in a homophobic homeland, and sheds light on the key to survival that strings them together.
When Theresa May called a snap election on 18th April, the public weren't the only ones surprised by the announcement. Politicians and their party machines suddenly and unexpectedly found themselves in need of policies and campaigns, with an eager media demanding detail and a reluctant electorate in need of convincing.