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This unique campaign is raising a million pounds for cancer research by encouraging people to get on their wellies, go outside and jump in a puddle. With nearly 40k so far, the founder wants anyone and everyone to get outside and have a go.
I have never seen a better demonstration of the power of scientific collaboration than the pan-European effort to treat and cure cancer. If we leave the EU, we risk throwing that away
The charity is now encouraging "everyone with a cervix" to get tested.
One day, enjoying a country walk in North Yorkshire with my husband Billy, I was sick at a pub lunch. I had been participating
'The imaging showed about 50 percent reduction of the tumour.'
Doctors in the United Stated have found a new way to fight cancer by taking a more detailed look at a tumour’s DNA.  A panel
The former 'Loose Woman' is fronting a new Cancer Research campaign.
Denise Welch broke down in tears as she discussed her mother’s death from cancer in a powerful new charity video.  The former
I've never been much of a fan of 'Awareness Days'. They all feel a little contrived and in recent years have been taken over by PR companies and agencies desperate to get people to buy products or sign up to events or activities they'd previously never given any real thought.
While there have been major advances in drug development in recent years, systemic treatments like chemotherapy remain the standard of care for most patients. As anyone who has been through chemotherapy knows, it affects the whole body aggressively and causes serious side effects, taking a physical and emotional toll.